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2009-07-15 12:09:01 by SarnaMelnes

I'm headin to otakon today with a buncha my freinds today! Its gonna be so sick, ive been there once before and its amazingly awesome! Anyone else headin' there?

Hey there!

2009-07-06 13:49:12 by SarnaMelnes

Hey there! I'm kind of new to Flash and stuff. I always try to find a new way to make people laugh or tell a great story anyway i can! So when i learned about flash i was flippin' out. I hope one day to be a Cartoon Animator so i figure i should start now! Although im not so great at flash yet, and i barely know any actionscript, i want to learn flash and do as much as i can to be great at it. Thank you to all who comes by and views!